three brand board options



Town & Country ~ A sophisticated more fashion forward style. Clean and bright images with high contrast. Pops of bright colors. More urban/townscape backdrops. Your client is a business woman who loves living close to or in the city but breaks away whenever she can to the small towns or country for weekend get ways or trips to visit and shop with the girls. She likes things that are well made and handcrafted as long as they are clean lined and tasteful. Appearances matter to her. She has many more dress shoes than casual ones. She likes glancing through fashion magazines and is brand conscious. She loves finding new stores or brands and being the first to share them with her friends.



Outside In ~ Bright, open and airy photography with low contrast colors. A cooler palette mixed with natural textures. More interior images with bright white walls and natural textures mixed with houseplants, tropicals, or woodland found treasures. Your client is a trend aware woman who has recently started nourishing her creativity by exploring watercolors and keeping a journal. She loves expressing herself through decorating her home and thrifting for clothing accessories. She buys things that are handmade because she likes natural edges. She's not necessarily and outdoorsy type but she loves collecting new houseplants and her herb garden and she goes for woodland walks and brings her nature finds into her home. Her closet is full of clothes that are eclectic, comfortable and trendy. She reads a lot but mostly new fiction which she orders online. She just started embroidering because she just loves all of the embroidery she has been seeing in her Instagram feed.



The Naturalist ~ Nature inspired and a more relaxed photography style. Much richer bolder colors and a definite warm glow - sun kissed look. More outdoor field and stream kind of photography. Your client is a down to earth and relaxed woman who's a bit self conscious in fashionable crowds. She's aware of trends but is rarely bothered to keep up - she's too busy trying to finish all of the things she's already started. She loves to travel and shop as much as everyone else but, when she travels the first place she locates is the local yarn store or used book store. She loves outdoor adventures and goes on lots of hikes with her family - she actually likes camping with her husband. But her favorite thing to do is to escape by herself with just her sketchbook/journal and camera and get lost. She shops at the farmers market and uses cloth bags when she goes to the grocery store. She has a sewing machine and knows how to use it though it may be a bit dusty. You can pop into her kitchen and a cup of tea will appear in minutes in a vintage tea cup that may or may not be chipped. She regularly buys things that are used because they are made better than new things. She buys handmade items because she believes in the value of craft and she likes things that last forever and she wants to support artists and makers.